Rex Luciferius #1 Country Song SoundCloud

#1 Country Song SoundCloud

I am a Backdoor Man

Rex Luciferius

9th Level recording Artist Rex Luciferius has the #1 Country Song on SoundCloud it is I AM A BACKDOOR MAN.

Rex Luciferius has 8 original songs in the Country Charts right now in the top 35 songs.

Rex Luciferius has put over 20 songs this month into the top 50 charts on SoundCloud for 5 Genres of music including, Rock, Country, Alternative, Blues and Alternative.

This is the 3rd #1 Hit song for Rex Luciferius on SoundCloud with other hits being Cross RoadsĀ  in the Blues genre and Mother in the Metal genre.

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#1 Country Song SoundCloud

#1 Country Song SoundCloud





9th LevEL

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