Dr. Sol Adoni

Founder of Adoni Co

Author over 100 Books

Writer over 100 Songs

Producer over 10 Films



Dr. Sol Adoni is a prolific writer who has authored well over 100 Books and Academic Papers in his career.

Dr. Adoni has written over 100 songs and in the Summer of 2016 his latest albums had over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud where he had 3 #1 Songs in 3 different Genres of Music and placed over 20 songs into the Top 10 of 5 Genres of Music on SoundCloud.

Considered by his fans a modern day Nostradamus, the proven Prophetic abilities of Dr. Adoni have gained him a large fan base for his books about his Prophecies and he single-handedly created what is now being called Prophecy Music by fans of his songs about the future.

Nonfiction Books by Dr. Adoni include:

True Prophecies of Nostradamus

Prophecies of Sollog

Prime Alogrithm

Hologram Universe Theory

Lost Ancient Civilizations

UFOS The Proof

Grey Aliens – My Encounter with a Grey Alien

Pentagram of Blood

Fiction Books by Dr. Adoni include:

Atlantias Series

Super 7 Series

I Time Travel Series

Songs by Dr. Adoni include:

Pentagram of Blood

7 Pentagrams


Cross Roads

Until the end of Time

Films by Dr. Adoni include:

Prophecies of Sollog

Prophecies of Nostradamus


Pentagram of Blood

LEGEND the Story of Rex Luciferius

Dr. Sol Adoni began his academic career in the Summer of 1976 when he theorized what is now known as ElixQ (a six dimensional computer language) and his Hologram Universe Theory.

His academic career has involved establishing several AI Think Tanks to research his theories involving 6 and 10 dimensional computer languages.

Over the decades Dr. Adoni has founded numerous Technology Companies as mankind has advanced in their understanding of Computers.

In the 1980’s Dr. Adoni ran ASSI a pioneer in early Personal Software Development for management systems for several industries including the Legal, Medical, Automotive, Real Estate and Food Industries.

In the 1990’s Dr. Adoni began to create what is the modern structure of Adoni Co in that it is involved in all aspects of the Internet from Hosting and Portal Content Companies for Businesses, to Portals for Consumers.

As the author of well over 100 Books and Academic Papers that explore the Academic Theories of Dr. Adoni, he formed Adoni Publishing and Universitius Press to publish his books and academic work.

The AI Theories of Dr. Adoni are researched in his HelixQ Think Tank.

The Adoni Trust is the International Non-Profit Trust that manages the IP assets of Dr. Adoni that include the IP Rights to all the books, music and films he has created as well as the vast portfolio of Industry Keyword Domain Names Dr. Adoni has acquired over the past couple of decades.

Adoni Co now operates Elite Internet Marketing companies for many Industries and his specialty is providing Businesses access to the Adoni Network of Servers on Major Hubs around the world providing a superfast network for Business websites.

Adoni Co has many business and consumer Portals in their network.

The books and music as well as the films of Dr. Adoni are published and produced by a myriad of publishing companies controlled by Adoni Co and the International Adoni Trust.

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